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What is a course note summaries and why they important?

Nowadays, students are quite demanding as they want to get PowerPoint presentations, lecture content and other written resources that were covered in class from their instructors. Many teachers actually provide students with this information due to the fact that many students nowadays lack the respective skills of taking notes in classroom. Why do they need to make course note summaries, if they can get it from their professors? Still, there is one problem that requires solution. It consists in the fact that the ability to write down information, process it and provide to others is a highly beneficial skill that proves to be useful throughout one’s life.

What is a course note summaries? They represent the information written down by students during the course and reorganized into a summary of the essential ideas covered in classroom.

Why do students need to develop the ability to make a course note summaries? In fact, if students lack this skill, they will hardly succeed in their future career, because most reputable professions often require this ability.

How can this skill be developed? It is developed through summarizing PowerPoint presentations and restructuring the notes taken in classroom. There is also substantial evidence that PowerPoint presentations prepared by teachers along with notes provided to students by their instructors fail to improve one’s academic performance. However, it is important not only to take notes and summarize the ideas provided by the teacher, but also get back to one’s notes and reconstruct them in order to draw a connection between different ideas.

How can teachers stimulate students to make a course note summaries and why is it important? Students can be persuaded to take course notes if they are reassured that this will improve their exam grades. Teachers on their part need to understand that course note summaries often help students to memorize the course information better and consequently improve their performance in colleges and universities.


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